North Florida hCare Access Help

Provider Overview for Accessing Patient Data

After logging into Meditech locate the PWM menu.
Next click on the PHYSICIAN DESKTOP icon.

The buttons located on the right hand side of the screen are used for navigation purposes.

  • Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency
    • These options will give you a list of patients that you have access to. Select Inpatient for your patients.
  • Cover Selection
    • This option will give you the ability to either see just your patients, your group’s patients, or the patients of the provider you may be covering.
  • Find Patient
    • This will allow you to look for a patient that is not yet on your list.

Clinical Review Screen

The Clinical Review screen is accessed by first selecting a patient on the Rounding list. It is best to be just highlighting the patient selection. The check box will allow selection and the ability to Remove the patient from the Rounding list. The Review button will now be highlighted.

Clinical Review Screen Example

The Panel Buttons

Notice that some of the buttons are blue and some are black. Blue tells you that there is new information that you have not seen yet.

Most of the buttons are self explanatory; I&O, Vitals, Lab, etc.. However, some are not

  • Pt. Summary will tell you the visit history with which providers have seen the patient recently. Medical Problems, Allergies and Medications, Procedures and an area for Personal notes.
  • Problem List is where you make changes to the diagnosis for ICD-9 coding. You can also address Family History, surgical history also.
  • Special Panel lets you set up, per facility, reports that the providers have requested. Renal reports for example, help prior to Radiology procedures using contrast.

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