North Florida hCare Access Help

Portal Basics for the Provider

First Remote into the hospital system

  • Depending on the division you are needing to access type one of the two following addresses:
  • After you have logged in and your desktop is fully loaded…click on the hCare icon located on the Launchpad.
Launchpad Screenshot

Portal Sections

  1. Your Patient List
  2. Patient List Management
  3. Data DIsplay Options
  4. Patient Data Display Area
  5. Incomplete Medical Records
Screenshot 2

Your Patient List

Patient List Management
Patient List Management

Patient Data Display
Incomplete Medical Records
Step 1
  1. Make sure your display results = 800
    You will not yield 800 results but this will allow the system to do a complete and thorough search for your patient
  2. Fill in the Last and First Name fields only.
    Filling in all information is equal to information overload.
    Here…Less is More
  3. Click Search for Visits

Step 2

  1. Click the “Add to Patient List”
  2. A pop up box will appear, click add to add to your list.
Step 3

  • After you click “Add” your Patient List tab will automatically update the number of patients sitting in your list.
  • Next you need to click on the Patient List Tab to access your patient’s information.
Step 4

  1. Make sure to change your Drop Down to Last 5 Years
  2. Select the patient needing to be reviewed
  3. Select the Link for the Information to be retrieved.