North Florida hCare Access Help

Windows Installation Instructions

hCare Access (VDI) Features

  • Virtual Desktop Technology
  • Connects you at work or home
  • Connection is 75% faster
  • Quick one time enrollment
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Each division will provide their specific hCare Access web address.

For the South Atlantic Division it is:

Access the Powerpoint!

In addition to this guide a powerpoint can be accessed HERE which includes a voice over of the instructions.

Security Settings Modifications

  • The following needs to be added to the security & Pop-up Blocker settings: in addition to https://* for access to the site.
  • By going to your browser → Tools → Internet Options → Security Tab → Trusted Sites → Sites → Add your division hCare Access web address, as well as add the wild card https://*
  • We also need to add these to your pop-up blocker settings by going to the Privacy tab → Pop-up Blocker → Settings. After adding the sites close out of the dialog boxes and return to your browser.

Installation on a PC

  • To install hCare access on your PC type your hCare access web address ( in your browser’s address bar and press enter.
  • The hCare Access Welcome Screen appears. To save this site to your desktop Go to FILE → SEND → SHORTCUT TO DESKTOP.
  • You can rename the Icon by selecting the icon and RIGHT CLICKING → RENAME → TYPE "hCARE ACCESS".

Logging into hCare Access

  • On the Welcome page enter your current User Name (also known as 3-4 ID) and Password, and click the Log On Button.

Citrix Client Install

  • hCare access requires a one time installation of the client on the physical machine.
  • Once logging into hCare access The “Download Client” dialog box appears, click the blue Download button
  • click Run on the “File Download” dialog box and the hCare access client will begin installing on your machine.

Enrollment Instructions

  • After installation is complete, hCare access requires some unique identifying information from you. This step is referred to as enrollment.
  • A screen is presented for you to select, four security questions from a drop down list, then provides a text box for you to enter your personal answers.
  • Once enrollment is complete you will not have to do this again. Before leaving this page notice there is a Yes or No question at the bottom confirming that you would like this machine to remember you, or not. Make your choice and click “Continue” to proceed.
  • Remember this is just on the initial login of that machine, all subsequent logins hCare access will “KNOW” you by your username and password, the same user name and password you have now.

Confirmation Page

  • A confirmation page is sent for your review, if any information isn’t correct, click the “Update Your Settings” button or “Finish” to proceed.
  • This will launch the Citrix client in a new window.

Desktop Layout

Once the Citrix Client fully loads you will be presented with a Desktop with 5 Icons. These Icons are for the following applications:

  • Meditech GEMS – CPOE
  • Meditech Classic – Old version of Meditech that does not utilize mouse capabilities
  • Up-To-Date –which is a Physician Clinical Resource
  • Centricity PACS Web to access Radiology Images
  • And hCare Portal to view the patient chart and complete deficiencies